Corporate Stationery

Company stationery is such an everyday part of doing business that it has become expected from business professionals. Doing business means that you need to promote your company – whether it’s through a branded letterhead on a piece of paper or a branded company e-mail address.

It’s more than just throwing your name or a picture onto all your official documentation. Branding has become a strategic imperative in business today, where everything you do (and don’t do) sends a message about your brand and you as a company to your audience. Just think – would you take a financial planner seriously if he corresponded with you via a Gmail account? What if his business card was mismatched, without a corporate logo or a physical address? Nowadays corporate stationery isn’t a luxury, but with many fly-by-night setups, it’s a necessity. Customers want to receive quality service and value from businesses, so if you treat your own corporate identity with such detail and professionalism, imagine what customers will think you can do for them …

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